Thursday, February 25, 2010

Cooking with GRUB

When we discovered the teens in the GRUB Program were growing nearly 100,000 pounds of produce every year - but not eating any of it, we knew we had a problem. The solution to the problem was to bring in the South Plains Food Bank's Nutrition Educator.

Sharon Adams arrived with recipes, ingredients and faith. She turned the teens loose with recipes and they could have made even Julia Child proud. The food the GRUB teens created was/is awesome. Whole grains, good fats, fresh produce - the key ingredients to GOOD FOOD. The teens in the GRUB Program learn how to make "GOOD GRUB" - and they take the lessons home with them!
"Yumm-o," to quote the latest celebrity food fashionista, Rachael Ray. We can do Yumm-o any day of the week!

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