Thursday, June 10, 2010

Lessons Learned

The GRUB Summer Program began on June 1st and I have barely had time to sit behind my computer since. The summer began with a bang and a triple digit heat wave, but the GRUB crew is up to the task. At the close of the first day one of our interns took me on a tour of the farm to show me the work accomplished. This particular intern is typically selfish with praise, but on this day she was throwing it around with abandon. The amount of work accomplished on the first day was astounding.

Since GRUB is a job skills/life skills training program I took it upon myself to teach a “lesson” – that a good boss doesn’t ask employees to do anything he/she wouldn’t do. So I jumped in on the second day and hoed an entire row of weeds. Later, one of the GRUB teens asked me how long it took. His reply, “If I took that long Debbie would fire me.”

I may not be fast, but at least I gave it my best shot. That’s another job/life lesson – always give it your best shot.

It was a very long row to hoe!