Monday, December 13, 2010

It is a Wonderful Life

If you are anywhere near a television during the month of December it isn’t difficult to find an inspirational moment. The network specials, the classic movies, and even the commercials send a “feel good” message to viewers. And what Christmas season would be complete without It’s a Wonderful Life airing? But it is rare when one’s life suddenly feels like a made for TV holiday movie. This holiday season the GRUB Program was the beneficiary of a true Christmas Angel.

If you know anything about the GRUB Program then you know that we are always underfunded and we scramble every May to put together enough money to fund our paid Summer Program. This year, however, I will have a head start on my fundraising thanks to a very special person. Last week I received a check large enough to cover the Summer Program expenses for six GRUB teens. The generosity of this gift goes well beyond the dollar amount it represents. I am thrilled to have the funding, but I am honored and humbled to know that our Christmas Angel believes so strongly in what we are doing in the GRUB Program.

Over the past ten years the GRUB Program has sought to make a difference in the lives of area teens. Young people come to the Food Bank farm for different reasons – some are court ordered to perform community service, others come because they feel welcomed and valued, and still others just happen to land there and find a family. Regardless of why they are there or how long they stay, we strive to make our mark, to somehow make a difference in the life of a teen who needs someone or something to make a difference. Our Christmas Angel understands this.

This year when you see something inspirational on television remember that it isn’t just on TV and in the movies that great things happen, sometimes great things happen right in our own town to people you know. In It’s a Wonderful Life when the bell on the tree rings and Zuzu remembers that every time a bell rings, an angel gets his wings – I hope you will recall that GRUB truly has their very own Christmas Angel.

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